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What You Can and Cannot Store in a Metal Storage Shed

Metal sheds are a popular choice for outdoor storage due to their durability and relatively low maintenance. They provide a secure space for storing a variety of items, protecting them from the elements and freeing up space in your home or garage. However, the suitability of a metal shed for certain items depends on various factors including the local climate, the shed’s location, and its features such as insulation or ventilation. Understanding the differences between what should and should not be kept there is key to making the most out of your metal storage shed.

Things That Can Be Safely Kept in a Metal Storage Shed

There are many things you can store in a metal shed. It’s perfectly safe to keep these items there:

  • Gardening Tools and Equipment – These are the most common items stored in metal sheds. Shovels, rakes, lawnmowers, and even larger equipment like rototillers can find a suitable home in your storage shed.
  • Outdoor Furniture – Depending on the size of your shed, you can use the space to store outdoor furniture and décor. Most people don’t use these items during the winter, so keeping them in your shed keeps them safe and dry, especially the cushions.
  • Grills – Along with your outdoor furniture, you can keep you grill in the shed when you’re not using it. If you have a gas grill, make sure that the gas connections are secure and there are not leaks that could potentially cause an explosion or fire.
  • Sports Equipment – From bikes to golf clubs to fishing gear, metal sheds are a great place to keep sporting goods. If you have lawn games like cornhole or croquet, these are also perfectly safe to keep in your metal shed.
  • Automotive Tools – Keep your automotive repair tools organized and out of the house by storing them in your shed. This is also a great place to keep supplies such as oil or shop rags.
  • Construction Materials – Store spare building materials such as tiles, lumber, and bricks, items that can come in  handy during your DIY projects.
  • Garbage Cans – If your shed is large enough, you can stash your garbage cans there. This way, they’re out of sight, helping to improve the looks of your yard. In addition, the shed doors will prevent critters like opossums or racoons from digging around in your garbage.
  • Seasonal Decorations – If you’re one of those who loves to decorate for every different holiday, a storage shed is the perfect place to keep the decorations safe and secure when not in use.

Items that Should NOT Be Stored in a Metal Storage Shed

While there are many household items that can be safely stored in your shed, here are some things that should NEVER be stored there:

  • Food and Perishables – Food, even non-perishables, should not be kept in an outdoor shed. This includes food for your pets. Food items can spoil or freeze when kept in an outdoor shed, and food can attract all sorts of pests. Even canned goods should be kept inside, as wide fluctuations in temperatures can reduce their shelf life.
  • Sensitive Electronics – Electronic items are prone to damage from humidity and temperatures, so these items need to stay indoors. If you have old electronic items that you no longer use, consider taking them to a specialized electronics recycling facility instead of stashing them in your shed.
  • Important Documents and Photos – These items can easily be damaged by humidity and temperature fluctuations. Photos can fade and the paper in documents can become infested with pests like silverfish, who can inhabit books and papers in their larval stage, eating glues, cotton, leather, linen, and paper. They can be hard to spot because of their small size and hiding instincts.
  • Artwork and Musical Instruments – Like documents and photos, artworks and musical instruments are very sensitive to moisture and temperature swings, so they should be kept in the house.
  • Medications and Cosmetics – The chemicals in medications and cosmetics can degrade if not stored in a climate controlled environment.
  • Carboard Boxes – If you want to keep items in your outdoor shed, don’t put them in cardboard boxes. Insects, vermin, mold, or moisture damage are a risk when storing items in cardboard. Instead, you should opt for sturdy plastic storage boxes that have an air-tight seal.


A metal shed can be a highly practical and convenient storage solution for a range of items, particularly those related to outdoor activities and maintenance. However, it’s utility is limited when it comes to items that are sensitive to environmental conditions. By understanding these limitations and taking steps to reduce risks like moisture, pests, and security threats, you can make the most of your metal shed and know that your belongings are stored there safely and effectively.

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