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10 Creative Shed Ideas

Sheds are incredibly useful. With so many cool shed ideas out there, it’s not hard to be inspired. Whether you’re using your shed for storage, an office, or extra space to hang out or entertain, there are plenty of options for making your shed truly your own. Here, Rocket City Metal and Portable Buildings offers 10 creative shed ideas to help get your wheels turning as you think of all the great ways you can use your shed.

Making a Portable Building Your Own

Of course, if you’re just looking for storage shed ideas to make the shed you have more interesting, that’s a piece of cake. You can paint it a striking color, landscape around it, or add custom details or even windows and skylights to make it unique. If you’re looking for ideas for inside a shed, though, we have some suggestions.

Personal Space

This idea is so much fun, because it means so many different things, depending on where your interests lie. Would you like a shed or a man cave? A gaming den or a crafting cottage? Maybe you’d like to turn your shed into an enchanted reading nook, cozy with overstuffed seating and snuggly throws, decorated with a dreamy, fairy-tale sort of vibe. Or maybe you just want to put in a refrigerator and couch, to create some entertainment space outside of the house. The sky is the limit and al the choices are up to you.

Room to Create

A shed can make the perfect artist’s studio, no matter what kind of art you like to create. Turning your shed into a place to make art gives you the perfect atmosphere, where you can get messy and have the time and space to be inspired. Add an art table, for comfortable working space, install pegboards to organize your supplies, and display your finished works on the walls to create a cozy, inspirational atmosphere.

A Place to Play

Do your kids need a place to play? Turn your shed into a whimsical playhouse, designing it to delight, or even putting it on stilts to make it a treehouse. Paint it with bright colors, outfit it with child-sized furniture and a play kitchen and put in a library with children’s books. Your kids will have a magical play space they never want to leave and as a bonus, you can take some of the toys out of the middle of your house.

A Private Office

Working from home is becoming ever more common, but it can be hard to concentrate when surrounded by family and the household chores that beckon you away from your desk. Why not step away from it all, out into your own back yard? Making your shed into your home office gives you solitude to work and opens up extra space inside your home. To create office space in your shed, you’ll need to add electricity to power your computer, printer, or television, install bins or hanging shelves, and make it comfortable by painting the inside and decorating with some of your favorite things.

Repair Shop

Do you like working on bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space to work that won’t clutter your yard and will allow you to work in the shade. You and your tools will be collected from heat and UV rays, and while you stay comfortable in your shop, you can save money by doing repairs on your own.

Your Own Gym

It can be hard to get to the gym, but wouldn’t it be easier if it was just a few steps out into your back yard? Not only will it be easier to make time to work out, but you will also save the money you would have spent on gym memberships. Deck it out with whatever you need to facilitate your preferred workouts, whether that’s setting up a CrossFit gym, making your shed a dance studio, or creating a cycling studio, complete with television.

Luxury Pet Pad

Do your dogs and cats need a place to relax? Are you ready to get the pet dander out of your house? Turn your shed into a luxurious doghouse or cat space, maybe even attaching a “cat-io” so your kitties can safely explore the outdoors. Make it climate controlled, provide a pet-friendly entrance, and create a cozy atmosphere with beds, blankets, food, water, and toys.

Haunted House

If you’re really into Halloween, this might be the perfect idea for you. Make your shed into a spooky haunted house for trick or treaters to visit or for your friends and family to tour. Add a creepy cemetery outside the shed, play Halloween music, and rent or buy spooky lighting, to make it extra eerie.

Outdoor Entertaining

Turn your shed into an outdoor café or bar, with a seating and a bar table for your guests to enjoy. It may take a bit of an investment to upgrade a shed into an outdoor entertaining space, it will be well worth it when you’re avoiding overpriced drinks and hanging out at the latest hotspot, right in your own back yard.

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The Perfect Building for Your Creative Shed Ideas

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